Donate To The Gator Program

It has been said that “nothing just happens” and so it is with a successful football program.  It requires first and foremost athletes, coaches, parents and money.  Our county leaders bear the responsibility to give enough to keep the basics going year after year.  It is our community and our families that fill in the gaps of what the program needs.  Your giving gives the TD Club the ability to make purchases that prepare and equip our team for a wining season.  Your giving has purchased such resources as; weights, watering devices, video equipment for game films, software for coaches to upload game films to colleges, uniforms, pads and helmets… If you are interested in giving simply go to our store and select donate.  If you would like to talk directly to one of our coaches or TD Club representatives, select “contact us” on the right and we will contact you. Go directly to the store by “clicking here”.